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Homework Post

Current Assignment: For all years, write a three foot paper on the five ways to spot escaped criminals and the three manoeuvring tactics used to catch them.

Use the following to submit:
House and Year:
Homework Details: [Did they do it? How hard did they work? The more info I get, the better Clary can accurately grade your character's paper or practical.]

This homework is due November 3.


Seven- [assignment]

Okay, pups. I know we've been doing a lot of desk-work, and I know it kills you to write papers, but we're going to finish up our first written section with a decent sized one.

For homework, I want you to write me a three-foot paper talking about the five ways to spot escaped criminals, and the three manoeuvring tactics we learned about for catching them. I want clean papers, too- no pumpkin juice stains on it or escaped chocolate frogs curled up in the pages ugh, kids and their candy.

This'll be due by November 3. So hop to it- I'm giving you a lot of time, so I expect top quality work.

[Filtered to John]

Say, we need to get out of this castle. The kids and their freaky powers last weekend really shook me up.

Up for a drink?

[ooc: Please submit your homework here!]

OOC: Grades for assignment.

I put down the whole class in my little excel sheet, and just put n/c for not completed. Clary won't take off any points, but I am giving a final semester grade for the class because I'm a nerd. >>;

Here they are!Collapse )


Don't forget about practicing your combat, pups. It's not too late to practice and get an okay grade on your quiz. Which is tomorrow.

[Filtered to Teachers]

Anyone wanna go get a drink tonight? I'm tired after dealing with being upside down and having freaked out kids in my class.

Hog's Head is on me.


(ooc: Anyone who's in Hit Wizard Training, don't forget about Clary's homework assignment! I'll be taking it down tomorrow at midnight. DO IT. :3)

Five- Backwards, Upside Down and Homework?

...this just reminds me of being in school, which is never a good thing.

To all the pups students- don't run into light fixtures or paintings. Things can burn and the portraits don't like it. Believe me, running into the Knight in the painting on the third floor was a stupid idea.

To my Hit Wizard Training Students, your homework assignment comes now. You don't need to be on the floor or going right ways round to fight. Figure it out. I want you to pair up and practice hand to hand combat. On the ceiling until we all come down again, and then on the floor. There's gonna be a quiz next week. Be prepared.

Oh, and if you get hurt, go to the Hospital Wing. There are some pretty lonely Medi-Wizards up there waiting for someone to care for. But don't kill each other- and practise with other Hit Wizard Training Students only. If I see anyone else getting hit without a proper block, it'll be detention.

(ooc: Yes! Because Clary believes in being prepared for everything, all the students in her class must practice hand to hand combat. You don't really need to pair up to submit your assignment- just tell me how well they practised and how they did on the practical quiz. This is due by Next Thursday- September 17, since that Friday I'll be in ATL for a con. :3 Please submit input here.)

Four [School Syllabus? dang.]

Oh man. Guess I gotta get my stuff in order, right? So kids won't get confused. If you wanna sign up for Hit Wizard Training, you can do so here.

Hit Wizard Training

Instructor: Clary Goodwin
Years: Fifth - Seventh
Houses: All houses. There's no discrimination in this class.

Required Books: Powers You Never Knew You Had and What To Do With Them Now You've Wised Up by Fingal the Fearless
On Combat Dave Grosseran

Description: Hit Wizard Training is a class for learning the basics to being a Hit Wizard. In this class, you'll learn all kinds of combat, from wands to swords. You never know what you'll come across in real life, so if you're gonna duel, you're gonna do it properly. You'll also learn how to apprehend Rats..."bad guys," as well as deal with the inner workings of the Ministry's Law Enforcement department. Just don't kill yourselves in the process, and you'll be fine.

1. First off, don't call me Professor. Doing so will earn you some kind of punishment. I'm not sure what yet, but it'll be gruesome. All right? The name's Goodwin.
2. Raise your hand when you have a question or comment- otherwise keep quiet. I don't want you to hack someone to pieces because you weren't listening.
3. Practice outside of class will be held outside on the lawn, with practice materials only. No killing each other.

If you have any questions, just ask me. I don't mind answering. Goddess, just let me get through this year alive.

[ooc: orz. Here's the information. She's really serious about the not killing yourselves, guys. Though if you wanna borrow the rapiers, they're under her desk. >>;]

Day Three- Hunting

That was stupid, Clary. Next time you go to sniff out a rat, bring someone along. Rule one in the book, and you blew it. Fenrir Greyback is tougher to bring down than you think, kids. Don't try this at home.

St. Mungo's, how I've missed you.

So, Quidditch Camp is going on, huh? I remember Quidditch from when I was a pup. It was all violence and great fun at that. I was a Beater. Kicked off the team for fighting, though. Still don't think it was my fault.

ooc: Clary decided to go out and try and bring some justice to the vicious, mean criminals. XD But she didn't bring anyone along, got into a bit of a bind and is now at St. Mungo's. Burns are vicious!

Day Two- Summer in London

It's nice to get back to London, with my husband. He's let the house go to ruins, obviously; he has no sense of cleaning skills.

We're going to Ireland in a few weeks. Nice to get away from all the stress of the Ministry. At least Tomlan knows about magic and doesn't care.

[Private (but not really)]
I'm worried about this teaching thing. All those little kids! And they're all so...friendly. I don't really like kids. All snot and sneezing and whining. They don't want to do any hard work.

But it's not so hard to remember I was like that once. I just need to find someone that'll work hard...I guess it wouldn't be so bad to make friends with some kids.

Day One- Return to Hogwarts

Well, this is what Hogwarts looks like when you're getting old, huh? Doesn't look like much has changed, after all. Wish we'd had Spirit Week when I was a lass. Don't think I'll be dressing up for anything, though. I'm too old to play dress up.

Okay, kids. If I remember how this journal works, you can all read it. I'm Goodwin, and I'm going to be teaching you Hit Wizard Training next year. Dumbledore suggested I come back for the summer for a little bit, to poke around and get the feel of things. I don't like leaving Tomlan in London, he'll run the house down. But I suppose it can't be helped.

So I'll be around. If you want to talk about my class with me, feel free. I don't bite.

(ooc: So, this is Clary! Feel free to poke her against her will. She actually enjoys socialization. The strike is hackable, just this once. >D)

Character Information!

Under the cut. If you need to contact the mun, please go to the Player Contact sheet and look for "Man-D". 8D

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